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Adventure Singles

Are you a single man or woman who loves adventure? Are you ready to find the perfect partner in life who can get out and travel with you... explore the world... learn exciting new skills and have amazing adventures?

If so, we’re ready to connect you with all the fun, local adventure singles in your town. We’re Great Expectations, one of the oldest and most successful dating services in the country.

For over 35 years, we’ve helped connect adventure-loving singles just like you. And we don’t make you jump through the same old hoops that the other dating sites do. We’re proud of the fact that we do things differently, and those differences also help make our process more successful.

So what’s so different about Great Expectations? For one, we don’t waste people’s times with phony profiles and fake pictures. We conduct in-person screenings for all of our adventure singles. That means all the great men and women you see in our singles network are exactly who you’ll get.

Another difference is that we perform background checks. If anyone has a criminal history, a shady past or a bankruptcy that they’re trying to hide, they can’t join our adventure singles site. It’s as simple as that.

Plus, because we know how much you love getting out and doing things, our local staff hosts fun and exciting singles events. We do things like throw singles cruises, speed dating events, host singles nights at sporting events, host limo pub crawls and happy hours and much more! If you want to get the full list of singles events in your area, just ask.

If you’re ready to meet other fun-loving, adventure singles in your area, just simply fill out the contact form you see on this page. There’s no cost or obligation—and your information is kept 100% confidential.