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Christian Singles

Christian singles dating is all about honesty, commitment and shared values. And that’s why—if you’re searching for other local Christian singles—Great Expectations is the place for you.

Great Expectations does thing differently than all the other singles Christian sites. For starters, we conduct background checks on all of our singles. If they can’t pass, they can’t join. Simple as that. We take this precaution so you can be assured that all the singles in our site are safe.

Next, we do in person screenings on all of our singles. So there are no fake photos or phony profiles in our network of Christian singles.
Everyone really is who they say they are. That helps you feel secure that the Christian singles you’re interested in is genuine and sincere.

Another thing that makes our Christian singles service different is that we have local offices all around the country. So you can meet us in person, talk to us, get to know us… and if you ever need help or a little encouragement, we’re just around the corner.

Being local also helps us provide you with one-to-one attention and support. When you join our singles Christian community, we’ll help you build a great profile with a professional photo and video shoot—that makes it easy to finally find the perfect Christian single for you.

Finally, we throw fun Christian singles events in your area so you can meet and mingle with local Christian singles in person. You’ll have the chance to do speed dating nights, restaurant nights, charity events and more!
It’s so easy to start meeting Christian singles. Simply fill out the info form you see on this page. There’s no cost and no future obligation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have… absolutely FREE!