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Great Expectations Colorado Springs

Great Expectations of Colorado Springs is your #1 source for serious, commitment minded singles in the Colorado Springs area.

For over 35 years, we have helped singles in Colorado Springs connect. We are a very specialized dating service that can increase your chances of success. Our sophisticated process has been proven to be successful for thousands and thousands of singles, and it can work for you too. Here’s what makes us so different:

Colorado Springs Singles Events:  Because we have staff working from our local Colorado Springs offices, we are able to plan and host the  best singles events in town. Our singles events make it easy and comfortable to meet other Colorado Springs Singles. For example, our speed dating nights let you meet up to 12 other singles in just one hour. Or, if you’re a sports fan, we have singles nights at Rockies games. If you’re more into fine dining, we have single wine tasting events and restaurant nights. Those are just a few examples... ask us for the full list of Colorado Springs Singles events.

Serious Colorado Springs Dating: Our service tends to attract Colorado Springs singles that are more ready for commitment. We know how frustrating dating can be when the folks on the other end are just playing games, so we work hard to find singles who are ready to make a commitment.

Safe Colorado Springs Dating: Our screening process includes mandatory background checks and in-person screenings. That way, we can ensure that no one in our network has a criminal history, and there are no phony photos and profiles. That means you can meet other Colorado Springs singles in safety.

We respect your privacy. Unlike other dating sites, our network is 100% confidential. Your information is always kept safe is our local Colorado Springs offices, and your name or picture doesn’t come up in Google searches. That’s for your protection.
So get started meeting other Colorado Springs singles today. It’s FREE to respond, just submit the info form you see on this page. The love of your life is waiting for you to find them... take the first step today!