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Fitness Singles

Are you a fitness-minded single who’s looking for other fun, athletic singles in your hometown? Have you tried other dating services, just to wind up disappointed and frustrated in your search? Well, get ready to finally meet the fitness single you’ve been searching for with Great Expectations.

Great Expectations is a professional dating and matchmaking service for fitness-minded singles like yourself.  Whether you love hitting the gym, getting out on the running trail or pushing your body to the limit in a yoga class... or just playing sports... we are ready to introduce you to the fitness-loving singles of your dreams.

As part of our dating network, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy singles nights and dating events with other fitness singles. We sponsor singles nights at local sporting events, we produce singles events like volleyball games, hiking trips, rafting trips, softball games, and much more.

Plus, we even have singles speed dating events. There’s no better way to get your adrenaline flowing than by meeting up to 12 other singles in just one hour. Each of your “mini-dates” lasts just a few minutes, and then you’re off to meet the next fitness single. When the night is over, our matchmaking staff can even help you exchange contact info with the athletic, sporty single that you’re interested in.

Our fitness dating network ensures your privacy, as well. Since our database of fitness singles is invite only, we’re not open to public web searches and, unlike the other dating sites, your profile can’t be linked to. That helps us ensure your privacy.

What’s more, we protect you by performing background checks and in-person screenings on all of our singles. That helps us weed out folks with criminal backgrounds, bad financial situations and blemishes like bankruptcies. Our screening process also means there are no phony profiles or fake photos.

If you’re ready to meet other fitness single in your area, just click on the form you see above. There’s no cost or obligation to request more information—and we always keep your personal info 100% confidential.