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Great Expectations Houston

Houston, we don’t have a problem! When it comes to meeting the most eligible, most exciting Houston singles in town, we’re ready to help your dating life blast off.

Great Expectations Houston is one of the oldest and most successful dating services for Houston singles. That’s probably because we throw the best Houston singles events in the city.

Have you heard about our Houston speed dating events? It’s an amazing way to meet other Houston singles. Here’s how it works:

Our matchmakers will connect you with other Houston singles who match your age range and lifestyle preferences.

  • You’ll go on up to 12 mini-dates in just 1 hour.
  • Each date lasts just a few minutes, so it’s easy to make conversation and comfortable for everyone.
  • When the bell rings, you’re off to your next “mini-date.”
  • At the end of the night, we’ll help you exchange contact info with all the Houston singles you’re interested in.

Plus, we throw other Houston Singles Events, like: wine tasting nights, singles nights at Astros games, singles happy hours, singles theater nights, singles picnics and adventure days, and much more. If you have an idea for a Houston Singles Event, just let us know. We’re happy to accommodate requests.

That’s not all. With Great Expectations Houston, you’ll date in complete safety. All of our Houston singles have passed background checks, and everyone has been personally screened by members of our staff. No fake photos or phony profiles here!

Plus, you’ll have a more successful dating experience with us, because we work with commitment minded Houston singles who are ready for relationships.

So get started with Great Expectations of Houston today. Simply fill out the contact form you see on this page to request the full list of all our Houston Singles Events or to just get in touch. It’s completely FREE!