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Serious Singles

Are you serious about meeting other local singles? Are you ready to start a serious, committed relationship that fulfills you and could even lead to marriage?

If you answered yes, then Great Expectations is the dating service for you. Great Expectations only works with serious singles who are ready to be in a relationship. If you’ve tried the other online dating services and haven’t found success, Great Expectations can help you finally connect with that special someone.

Here’s how Great Expectations ensures that you find other serious singles who are ready for a relationship:

  • Personal screenings. All the singles in our network have been personally screened. That helps us ensure that there’s no phony photos or misleading profiles. It also helps us get to know our singles and make sure that they’re really serious about this. We don’t want folks who are just playing games or aren’t really ready, that just leads to frustration for everyone.
  • Background checks. We run background checks on all of our singles. That helps us protect your safety, but it also helps us attract singles who are in a higher income bracket. These tend to be folks who are more serious about dating and are ready for a commitment... or even marriage.
  • Custom photo and video shoots. With Great Expectations, you don’t just throw up a profile with some photos you find on your hard drive. You’ll receive a personal photo and video shoot with professional photographers and producers. This kind of up-front commitment shows the rest of the singles in our huge network that you’re really serious about dating. And you’ll see that same kind of commitment in the singles that you meet.

For over 35 years, Great Expectations has been known as the home of serious singles. We are famous for our ability to match singles to other singles who want the same kind of relationship. We’ve helped thousands of singles find true love—we’ve even been the starting point for quite a few marriages. Our dedicated staff will work with you personally to help you find the serious single that you’re looking for.

Get started today for FREE. Just fill out the no-cost contact form you see on this page. There’s no-obligation, and you’re information is kept 100% confidential. Remember, it’s FREE to get started!