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Single Parents Dating

For single parents who are ready to get back into the world of dating, Great Expectations is an ideal choice for several reasons:

#1:  We are one of the safest online dating sites for single parents.  All of the single parents in our network have passed background checks, which include screening for criminal histories, bankruptcies and more. So you can rest assured that all the single parents you’ll meet are completely safe.

#2: We screen all of our single parents in person. The other dating web sites allow people to post anonymously. There’s no in-person screening at all. How do you know the photos are real? How can you know if their personal information is even accurate? With Great Expectations, single parents can meet up and connect knowing that what you see is absolutely what you get. We do in-person screenings and our staff verifies that profiles are accurate.

#3: We specialize in single parents who are ready for a commitment. One of the benefits of our rigorous screening process is that singles in our network tend to be ready for a serious relationship. The game players and window-shoppers are all hanging out over on those other single parents dating web sites. Here, you’ll find fun, successful people who are ready to find true love. And the folks in our site tend to be more financially stable as well.

#4: Amazing single events, specially designed for single parents dating. We have offices all over the country, which allow us to host the best singles events in the country. We love to put on exciting singles nights that make it easy for single parents to connect. We have speed dating nights, single parents dating cruises, limo pub crawls where single parents can meet… and much, much more. If you want to learn more about our singles events, just fill out the form on this page to ask!

As a single parent, you have special needs when it comes to dating. You need to be safe, and you need to connect with other single parents who are ready to commit. That’s why you should try Great Expectations… one of the most successful dating web sites for years.
Simply submit the contact form you see on this page. There’s no cost and no obligation—and your information is always kept 100% confidential.