15 Signs She Is Developing Feelings for You

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Updated on January 6th, 2023 |

Have you ever felt unsure whether the girl you like likes you back? Whether it’s a classmate, coworker, neighbor, or acquaintance, this article will explore some tell-tale signs that she is developing feelings for you.

It can often be hard for guys to tell if a woman is flirting with them or if a female friend likes them. I’m here to interpret some of the most common signs that a female in your life is developing an emotional connection with you.

I base this list on my 25 years of experience as a dating coach and matchmaker, during which I’ve seen the same situations play themselves out over and over again. A girl makes what seems to her a move on a guy, while the guy is oblivious to it or confused about what it means.

Remember, every girl will be different. Some are more direct with their love interests, while others are more subtle. A girl may even be shy to admit that they are developing feelings for you, but there are usually clear giveaways.

Read on to find out if the girl you like shares your feelings.

Signs She Is Developing Feelings for You

1. She Smiles at You

If a girl smiles at you when you bump into her or see her across the street, she may be into you. If it seems like a genuine smile and her eyes brighten and sparkle, it means she’s happy to see you.

Of course, some girls smile simply to be friendly. Therefore, it’s essential to look at other cues as well before deciding that a girl likes you just because she smiled at you at the water cooler.

2. She Laughs at All Your Jokes

A girl who is into you will laugh at all of your jokes. Have you ever told a girl a joke that objectively wasn’t very funny, only for her to burst into laughter? If a girl can’t stop laughing at your jokes, there’s a good chance she’s feeling something for you.

3. She Touches You

There are different kinds of physical contact. A side hug or a pat on the back isn’t usually romantic; it’s more of a “bro” relationship. On the other hand, if a girl touches you flirtingly, she’s giving you signals.

If a girl touches you in any of the following ways, there’s a good chance she’s initiating physical contact: 

  • She holds your hand.
  • She strokes or plays with your hair.
  • She puts her hand on your thigh.
  • She puts her hand around your shoulder while walking.
  • She gently brushes her hand against you while looking at you.

Often, she’s not even doing it consciously; she just feels comfortable enough around you to have that physical connection. Remember that girls initiate touch more frequently when they’re serious about someone, such as when they’re married.

Men initiate touch more often in casual relationships, but your friend will reciprocate if she likes you.

4. She Maintains Eye Contact

This one is a little tricky because some girls will be nervous about maintaining eye contact with guys they like. Therefore, the absence of eye contact – if a girl averts her gaze when you look at her – doesn’t automatically mean she doesn’t like you. She may simply be shy. 

On the other hand, if a girl does maintain eye contact with you for anything longer than an accidental gaze, she’s into you! Eye contact is a clear indicator of romantic interest, whether it’s a random girl sitting across from you on the subway or a friend you’re having some drinks with.

5. She Blushes When You Greet Her

Does your classmate or coworker blush red every time you say hello? Some people are naturally shy, but unless the girl is an extreme introvert with social anxiety, chances are that she’s blushing because she secretly fancies you.

She Blushes When You Greet Her

6. She Texts You First

A girl who constantly texts you first is looking for ways to keep in touch with you. Many girls won’t be direct about wanting to go on a date with you. They’re too shy for that, or they fear risking rejection.

However, they will make it possible for it to happen by texting you first. Sometimes, a girl will wish you a good morning or ask you random questions.

At other times, they’ll respond or react to a story you posted on social media. In many cases, she’s just looking for an excuse to start that conversation, so you eventually ask her out.

The way she texts you matters too. Does she send you short messages when you text her? Or does she put effort into her texts?

A girl texting you emojis doesn’t always mean she’s into you. However, if she sends you hearts, lots of smiley faces, and blushing emojis, she’s conveying deep emotions via text.

7. She Calls You

If you’re dating a millennial, and she calls you often, take your chances and ask her to hang out with you. You may not have known this, but 75% of millennials prefer texting to calling. Many millennials will never pick up the phone and make a call unless they need to.

If she video calls you, she’s being bold and wants to see you.

8. She Prioritizes You

A girl who wants to spend time with you will prioritize you. If you ask someone out for drinks and she can’t attend, she’ll suggest another time that works for them if they want to see you. They’ll prioritize you in their life and make way for you. They’ll rearrange their schedule to see you.

On the other hand, if you have to keep asking, and she declines without proposing other times, or she gives excuses, she’s not that into you.

9. She Finds Reasons To Be Around You

Does it seem like a girl you know is always finding an excuse to be around you? Does she always seem to materialize out of nowhere when you’re around? If you’re at a party or event, does she show up too?

A girl who is into you will find excuses to spend time with you. If you are attending the same event by chance, she will look at you or find a reason to make her way into your group or social circle.

Conversely, a girl who wants nothing to do with you will find excuses to get away from you. If you sit next to her, she may entertain you for a while before getting up to go to the bathroom and then talking to someone else instead of sitting down next to you again.

10. She’s Nervous Around You

This sign is a little tricky because it can be challenging for many guys to figure out whether a girl is nervous around them or simply doesn’t want to speak with them.

A bold girl with a lot of self-esteem will be more direct and forthcoming with you about her intentions. On the other hand, many girls are self-conscious about guys they like and act nervous during the initial stages of romantic attraction. She may wonder whether you like her or feel like she’s not enough for you.

A girl who likes you may:

  • Stutter when speaking to you.
  • Blush when you ask her a question.
  • Smile shyly when you smile at her.

Don’t expect a shy girl to warm up to you right away. Giver her some time and be patient.

She's Nervous Around You

11. She Likes or Comments on Your Social Media Posts

It doesn’t necessarily mean anything if a girl likes one of your social media posts. Liking a social media post is a low-effort action.

It takes less than a second, and many people like posts on Instagram mindlessly or go through all the Instagram stories of people they follow without paying much attention to what they’re doing. 

However, if she likes all of your posts and stories or comments on your posts consistently, she’s giving you signals.

12. Her Body Language Shows She Likes You

Body language should be one of the top things to look at when determining whether a girl likes you. People often say one thing while their bodies say something else. 

I have already touched upon some body language behaviors that indicate romantic interest. However, there are many less subtle indicators to look out for as well.

For example, if a girl leans in towards you, whether she is sitting by your side or across from you at a table, she wants to get closer to you. If she leans away, she feels uncomfortable around you. 

Look at her feet. Do they face away when she’s standing next to you as if she’s about to run? What about her eyes? If a girl’s eyes frequently glance at your lips, she may be imagining kissing you.

Is she twirling and playing with her hair? Does she bite her lips? Those are often subconscious flirting behaviors that people don’t realize they’re doing.

Is a girl comfortable sharing her drink? Some people are germaphobes and would never share a cup with anyone, even if they would kiss them. However, most people who would feel comfortable kissing you would also share their bottle or drink with you.

13. She Checks You Out

Both guys and girls check out people of the opposite gender. However, girls are often more subtle at doing it, which is why many guys don’t notice it when a girl checks them out.

If you see a girl checking you out of the corners of her eyes when she thinks you don’t notice, or if you see her looking at your body or muscles, there’s a good chance she’s physically attracted to you.

If she touches you, comments on your hair, or compliments your looks, she’s suggesting that she thinks you’re hot. 

14. She Tries To Impress You

A lady who likes you will put in the effort to impress you, especially on the first date, as first impressions matter most in romantic relationships. Acquaintances will also put effort into the way they dress when they go out with you, even if it’s not an official date.

For example, if you’re grabbing a few drinks with a casual associate, and you can tell that she put a lot of effort into applying makeup, doing her hair, and looking good, she’s trying to impress you!

She may also try to impress you by subtly telling you about her fantastic job or education. Alternatively, she may try to impress you by doing favors, such as buying you a drink.

Above all, look at how much effort she puts into your meetups. Does she suggest a cool place she thinks you might enjoy? Or does she put in minimum effort, letting you set a time, location, and date every time and only dressing up slightly?

15. She Plays Games

Some girls will play games with you once they start developing feelings for you. They may go for periods without texting you or pull away in other ways. They’re testing you to see if you want them and will pursue them. Sometimes, they will act hot and cold.

Some girls also become unsure of themselves once they start developing feelings for a guy friend. They may start acting weird, unsure of what is going on with them. 

However, you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth your time agonizing over whether the girl is playing games with you or is simply not interested. If a girl gives you mixed signals, she might be seeing someone else and only reaching out to you when things aren’t working out for them.

At the end of the day, it’s not worth your time pursuing a girl who plays games, such as waiting a day or two purposely before texting you back to make herself seem less interested than she is.

For girls who give mixed signals, you can reciprocate when they act “hot” towards you. When they act cold, offer once to hang out with them, and if they decline, leave things be. If they want you, they’ll come back.

Final Thoughts

If you notice a girl giving you one or more of the above signs she is developing feelings for you, don’t be afraid to make a move! Chances are that she will accept your date request – remember, even if not, you miss all shots you don’t take.

So, give it a try and ask her out when you notice these patterns.

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