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Married: November 8
Honeymoon: Hawaiian Islands
Tell us about your courtship that led to your proposal: We knew we were right for each other in just a few weeks...

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Great Expectations Dating Service

Welcome to Great Expectations, the dating service for singles who are serious about dating. What makes Great Expectations different from all those other dating services? It’s simple: we are the #1 destination for folks who want a safe, pre-screened environment that connects them with other singles who are ready to make a commitment. And we make the experience fun, with amazing local singles events and speed dating events.

Other dating services let just about anyone sign up, without any screening or verification. Their profiles are full of fake pictures, inaccurate information and exaggerations. And, even if the people behind the profiles are actually real, who knows if it’s safe to meet them? They haven’t been screened, they haven’t passed a background check... all you have to do is turn on the news to hear about some of the scary experiences folks like you have had with other online dating services.

With Great Expectations, your safety is our highest priority. Our dating service offers the strongest commitment to dating safety in the industry today. That’s because every one of our singles has passed an in-person screening and a mandatory background check. And if they don’t pass, they can’t join. It’s as simple as that. So with our dating service, you can find the local singles of your dreams in complete and total safety.
When our dating service was started over 35 year ago, our founders made a commitment to safety one of the company’s core principles. Today, we’re proud to say that’s still our # 1 priority.

Local Singles Events

Here’s something else that makes our dating service different: the best local singles events in town, including our famous speed dating events.
When you join our dating service, we’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you find local singles events that match your interests and desires. In fact, our staff works hard to plan singles events based on our member’s stated preferences.

Speed Dating Events

Our speed dating events are what we’re really known for. We’ve been hosting them for decades, and we’re proud to say that more than a few marriages have been the results! Who knows, maybe it’s your turn next...

With speed dating, you’re matched up with other singles who reflect your desired age group, lifestyle and income preference. You’ll meet up in a venue that’s comfortable and fun for everyone... like a local pub or restaurant... with our staff hosting and making sure everyone is comfortable. When the bell rings, you’ll have a few minutes to chat with another local singles. The bell rings again, and you’re matched up to the next single. It’s a fun, comfortable way to meet up to 12 singles in an hour. And at the end of the night, our staff will even help you get contact info, just in case you’re a little shy!

Choose greater safety. Choose greater choices. Choose Great Expectations!

Great Expectations is one of the original dating services that helped start the dating revolution. We have over 35 years of experience helping singles find true love, and we’re proud to say that we’ve successfully worked with thousands and thousands of folks just like you.

We invite you to explore our site to learn what makes us so different from other dating services. Take a look at our testimonials page to read other success stories. Or, go ahead and get started now with no cost or obligation. Simply fill out our FREE request for more information with the form you see on this page. We’ll be delighted to get in touch, at your convenience, to tell you more about the Great Expectations dating service.