What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?

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Updated on January 20th, 2023 |

If you are dating or have been in a relationship, you may have wondered, “What does it mean when she calls you daddy?” There are often several reasons, but the key reason is that it’s a sign of submission.

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?

When a girl calls you “daddy,” it can mean many things. It could be a sign of respect, endearment, or attraction. A girl calling you daddy shouldn’t throw you off, as it’s a common pet name that has become increasingly popular each year.

But it can be off-putting when a girl calls you daddy if you are uncomfortable with the term. However, therapists recommend that it’s healthy for people to use pet names when in a relationship.

The meaning of “daddy” shouldn’t be taken that seriously. Try to have fun with it and respond appropriately when your girl calls you daddy. 

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy

Here are a couple of reasons why your girl calls you daddy:


Today’s modern woman is powerful, intelligent, and well-educated. But she may not want you to view her in that light and might call you daddy as a sign of submission. You may not be authoritative, and your girl can call you daddy to show you that she respects you as the man in the relationship.

The term “daddy” shows that your woman is willing to give up control and let you take charge. Thus, hearing the term daddy should let you know that your girlfriend is comfortable with you guiding her and that she likes it that way.

The power dynamic in a relationship plays a key role in how healthy it’s and if the two people will make it. Men like to be in control, and women likely use the term “daddy” to show they acknowledge their man’s superiority in a relationship. Women like to be submissive and calling you daddy may mean that you are in charge of the relationship and it appeals to her.

It’s a Turn On

The term daddy may get used as a turn-on, which has become more popular due to the influence of movies and music. You shouldn’t be surprised if your girl calls you daddy during sex or as a way to turn you on. She may also call you daddy if she thinks you like it.

But being called “daddy” isn’t always intended as a turn-on. Listen to how your girlfriend says it and the context in which she does it to understand what she wants. It’s common to hear a girl calling her man “daddy” in most heteronormative relationships, especially in the bedroom.

The term “daddy” is a turn-on for some women. Hence, you may hear your girlfriend use it without necessarily referring to you or anyone else. Some women are also very playful and use “daddy” to flirt or get your attention. Talk to your girlfriend if you don’t like being called “daddy” when the subtext is sexual.

Term of Endearment

A girl may call you daddy as a term of endearment, meaning she cares about you. Thus, the term “daddy” is not always sexually suggestive as it has become portrayed over the years. A woman may call you daddy to indicate that she enjoys spending time with you.

It’s not uncommon for a girl to call you daddy even if you aren’t dating. Women may call you daddy if they believe you like the term and want you to like them. It may hint that she wants you to take the relationship to the next level, and pet names such as honey or baby won’t do the trick.

Girls will also call you daddy to remind you of their affection towards you. Men like feeling appreciated, and the right term of endearment can go a long way in showing emotion or care.

As generations change, newer terms of endearment will likely emerge and become more popular. But for now, “daddy” is the new classic and may likely become as widely used as honey or baby.


A girl calling you daddy means that she feels safe with you. Girls grow up knowing their father is the head of the family and their source of protection. She may begin calling you daddy because she feels safe with you or when you are around.

Girls always like someone they can look up to in a relationship. A girl may call you daddy because she feels cared for and protected. A girl calling you daddy is a verbal admission of her vulnerability in the relationship. But this is a good thing as it indicates her trust in you.

People in long-term relationships often begin to call each other names they are comfortable with. These names are often words they know or have grown up hearing, such as “daddy.” Your girl may call you daddy because the nature of your relationship is similar to the power dynamic of her parent’s relationship, where her father made her mother feel safe.

Daddy Issues

Daddy issues are a common answer to the question, “what does it mean when she calls you daddy?” Most people have a rocky relationship with their fathers, which may affect how they communicate when in relationships. A girl may call you daddy because she is trying to fill the void of not having a father.

When a girl calls you daddy, it may indicate unresolved emotions about her father. In such cases, you should help the girl get counseling. But daddy issues are not necessarily bad, and she may call you daddy because you are older than her or similar to her father. In addition, you may be a provider, and your role in the relationship is very fatherly.

There is no way of knowing that a girl who calls their partner daddy has issues with her biological father. But you should talk to your partner about it and try to understand the nature of her relationship with her father. Getting over daddy issues may take a while, so embrace the term “daddy” as long as it’s in the right context.

The Influence of Porn

The influence of porn has become so powerful that it affects how couples communicate with each other. A girl may call you daddy during sex because she believes that is how women should talk due to porn’s influence.

“Daddy” has become so sexualized that it sometimes feels icky when a girl calls you by that name. Porn is mainly responsible for this, as many female actors in the industry refer to their companions as “daddy.”

You can let your girl call you daddy if you are comfortable with the term. But men who watch porn may even ask their girlfriends to call them daddy. It’s normal, and couples may even role-play during sex, where the word “daddy” becomes common.


Your girl may call you daddy as recognition for your dominant personality. Most men are physically bigger than their partners, and women often enjoy following the domineering attitude of their significant others. A girl calling you daddy shows appreciation that you take charge or are responsible.  

Women will call their partners daddy because they believe it makes them feel respected and in control. In certain contexts, hearing your girl call you daddy is one of the best ego boosts you can get. You should take it as a compliment when your girl calls you daddy to build your confidence.

You will likely hear your girl call you daddy if you like taking charge during sex or in bed. Thus, your girl may call you daddy to let you know she is surrendering control. The dominant side of men likes to get acknowledged, which may help improve the intimacy between couples. Thus, your girl calling you daddy is healthy for your relationship.


A girl may call you daddy as a joke. It may be an inside joke, or she finds the name funny. She may even call you daddy more often if she notices it’s off-putting. A good sense of humor is healthy for any relationship as it helps bring people closer in the long run.

However, if you feel too weirded out by the word “daddy,” ask your girl to stop. But you should expect some teasing and jokes to come your way. The best way to respond to this is by taking it lightly and finding something to tease her with in return.


Your girl may call you daddy because of personal preferences regarding pet names or nicknames. There is no scientific explanation for why people have certain preferences. Some ladies like to call their partners daddy. Try to find out how someone talks and the words or phrases they like using before deciding to make them your partner.

Changing someone’s preferences is hard but not impossible. So try to talk to your girl if she calls you daddy and you don’t like it. But if you can live with it, accept the occasional “daddy” if it makes her happy.


If a girl you’re interested in calls you “daddy,” it could be a sign that she’s attracted to you. This is especially true if she’s calling you “daddy” in a flirty or sexual way.

A girl may call you daddy if she finds you attractive. Modern women like taking charge and fighting for what they want.

Your girl or any woman you interact with may call you daddy to let you know she is sexually attracted to you. It’s not uncommon to encounter a lady calling you daddy, even if the two of you aren’t dating.

Getting called daddy indicates that a girl likes your authority or strength. In a woman’s mind, the word “daddy” has a nice ring to it, and she may call you that instead of other nicknames.

Closing Thoughts

What it means when she calls you daddy is a question every man has thought about. The reason is quite clear in some cases, and you may know how to respond. In others, it can be confusing. Women call their partners daddy because of attraction, indicating submission, as a term of endearment, or as a joke.

When a girl calls you daddy, don’t overreact or panic. It’s just a normal word you and your partner can filter out of your communication if you don’t like it. But be patient and understanding if your girl likes to call you daddy even when you don’t like it. You can ask her why she likes calling you daddy to get her perspective and understand her better.

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